20 anni Produttore leader di scatole di profumi 

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Create nearly 40 core strategic products and create more than 1000 best-selling items for leading regional brands across the country. We have many Asian design experts and are a custom manufacturer of luxury packaging and gift boxes for over 100 customers worldwide.

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Why yingmeipackaging

Yingmei is the first choice for customized outer packaging for the world's leading brands.

Creazione di oltre 1000 articoli più venduti per i principali marchi regionali del paese.

Servizi personalizzati one-stop dalla progettazione, stampa, imballaggio e consegna rapida.

"Nuovi materiali, processi, nuova anticontraffazione, nuove tipologie di cartone, intelligenza e automazione".

Yingmei Packaging realizza innovazione tecnologica a tutto tondo e ha ottenuto 156 brevetti nazionali.

● 7 giorni di prove gratuite   ● 1V1 su misura   ● MOQ 3000 pz   ● Consegna veloce in 15-25 giorni
● Ottimizza i risultati e risparmia sui costi   ● Materiale ecologico
Hosted Packaging Box Customized Service

yingmei packaging is committed to making your brand stand out and customize your products. Using innovative structural designs, printing techniques and finishes, we create packaging solutions that provide your customers with a delightful unboxing experience.

As packaging design experts, we offer high-quality custom packaging box products using biodegradable and eco-friendly materials to make your business stand out.

Yingmei Packaging - Custom Packaging Box Manufacturer
We tailor packaging products for your industry:
From shopping bags, perfume boxes, cosmetic packaging, high-end gift packaging to hardcover paper prints.
From materials, colors to shapes, we can help you find the perfect product from the most sustainable and innovative options.

● 7 days free proofing

1V1 tailor-made

MOQ 3000 ps

15-25 days fast delivery

Optimize results and save costs

Environmentally friendly material selection

About Yingmei Packaging 

The factory covers an area of 18,000 square meters and has 350+ professional employees. The annual output value exceeds US$40 million. Provide customized services of luxury packaging and gift boxes to 100+ customers around the world.

We create packaging with craftsmanship, providing personalized brand stories and professional packaging design, printing and processing services.

We have internationally leading printing equipment and standardized production lines, and are committed to providing customers with Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions to reduce the impact on the environment.

With 20+ years of experience
Professional corporate employees
$40 million annual output value
Covered area of 18,000 square meters
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 create packaging works with an artisan spirit

Internationally leading printing equipment and standardized production lines, specializing in packaging design, printing and processing.

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Made by Yingmei, Innovate your Industry gift box
From personalized small production runs to major volumes, from hand-crafted process to strictly controlled automated production, from miniatures to large formats, Yingmei offers a full range of premium packaging solutions for your needs. 
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Corporate certification
 Create nearly 40 core strategic products and create more than 1,000 best-selling items for leading regional brands across the country. It carries out technological innovations in all dimensions and has obtained 156 national patents. 
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Brands Received Services Made by Yingmei

Aims to become a global luxury packaging gift box design and customization manufacturer and provide high-quality packaging products to customers around the world.

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Raccontaci le tue esigenze di imballaggio personalizzato, possiamo inviarti un preventivo gratuito per la nostra vasta gamma di design , Quantità minima di ordine: 3000+ per ottenere sconti maggiori.
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