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With the continuous development of social economy, people are no longer limited to the enrichment of material life, and more and more people begin to pursue the satisfaction of the spiritual world.

In the traditional design of cosmetic packaging boxes, photography always lacks innovation and flexibility, resulting in simple and boring packaging that no longer attracts consumers' attention. Due to the flexibility of illustration, both hand-drawing and board drawing in the hands of illustration designers can bring different aesthetic experiences to consumers with their unique visual and emotional styles. Therefore, more and more designers and consumers are beginning to pay attention to the illustration elements in packaging design.


Under the influence of today's social development and commercial background, illustration art is gradually integrating many new concepts. The scope of illustration has expanded from simple books, newspapers and magazines to a much wider range. With the continuous development and progress of today's society, consumers pay more attention to spiritual needs than ever before. With the fierce market competition, the application of illustration art in packaging design is becoming more and more extensive.



For a long time after the birth of cosmetics packaging box design, it has been closely related to illustration art. However, with the passage of social time, traditional cultural illustrations are not common in the market economy of commercial product packaging due to the difficulty and duration of students' creation, as well as the limitations of relevant works as media, thus limiting its development in packaging structure design.

Only now, with the rise of technologies such as computers and new media, has this silence been completely broken. Digital illustration, a new visual language to express their own art, integrates the advantages of other brands of visual environment art, whether from the ideological education content, expression methods and forms, will become the traditional illustration to bring quality improvement, more importantly, it is more suitable for commercial fast and convenient production ability requirements. The emergence of digital illustration makes the combination between illustration art and cosmetic packaging box designers continue the historical development.

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