Yingmei Packaging Box Manufacturer creates high-quality gift box packaging and gift bags for global brands.

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YINGMEI Packaging provides a solution for your customers to connect with and learn more about your brand. From concept to artwork to delivery, we leverage innovative structural designs, printing methods and finishes that capture attention and are a delight to unpack. 

We have gathered knowledge and experience in global branded merchandise programs and have successfully built product ranges that capture the essence of the brands they support and delight the people who use them.
We are experts in gifting, producing market-leading premiums, gifts with purchase and products that make customers feel celebrated every day.
As experts in package design and sourcing, we can work together to ensure the materials we put out into the world aren’t ending up in landfills. Whether you needcustom packaging boxes, shopping bags, high-end gift packaging or hardcover paper print matter, we can create fully custom pieces, or source from the most sustainable and innovative options.
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craft technology

 We have internationally leading printing equipment and standardized production lines and specialize in packaging design, printing and finishing. We have many Asian design experts and are a custom manufacturer of luxury packaging and gift boxes for over 100 customers worldwide.

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How we work 
Whether you need shopping bags, high-end gift packaging, or hardcover paper print matter, we can create fully custom pieces or source from the most sustainable and innovative options. Customize the personalized packaging box as you like, as long as you are creative, we can do it!
In our first communication, please let us know your situation and needs for Packaging. We will comprehensively discuss your wishes and all possible custom packaging solutions.
As a specialist in the design and production of distinctive packaging, we will do our best to offer the advice and feasibility that match your needs.
Our R&D department offers one or more concepts and then the sample will help you decide next. We fine-tune the concept as often as necessary, until the final packaging meets your needs.
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To make your perfect packaging sample into the mass production, it will be followed by a dozen production processes with our advanced printing technologies.
When your order is scheduled with required quantities, the delivery date and quality inspection could be carried out during production. You will be kept informed of the situation of your order.
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Our service won’t stop with the delivery of your packaging, Your feedback and satisfaction is always valuable to us, which allows us to make adjustments and improve further, so we can be fully ready for any follow-up order. Let’s follow a win - win strategy and set up our long-term cooperation.
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Brands Received Services Made by Yingmei

Aims to become a global luxury packaging gift box design and customization manufacturer and provide high-quality packaging products to customers around the world.

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Find Custom Boxes For Your Industry

From personalized small production runs to major volumes, from hand-crafted processes to strictly controlled automated production, from miniatures to large formats, Yingmei offers a full range of premium custom packaging box solutions for your needs. 
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