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Bamboo wine is amber in color, crystal clear, with a strong bamboo aroma, refreshing and pure original bamboo wine. This wine is as fresh as the fresh bamboo liquid, can be chilled and served hot, without any headache or dry mouth, with a natural fragrance. The production process is long and tedious, and production is very limited. Therefore, it is a collector's wine. Today's introduction is the bamboo Liquor box packaging.
The basic principles of cosmetic packaging box production, product packaging box production in line with the principles of science, economy, aesthetics, marketability, environmental protection, its outer box, inner box and the box is the influence of each other.
Professional gift box custom design also have to find a professional manufacturer, which is the same choice of many businesses, Sakura packaging, the company is located in Shanghai Fengxian area, more than 10 years of packaging production experience, first-class design team, quality design double guarantee, it is these factors, attract many businesses to choose our Sakura packaging, Not long ago, we received a number of unique product packaging designs for customers.
When many businesses are looking for designers to design creative packaging boxes, often some small ideas of designers will kill the packaging box manufacturers, what is the reason? Let's listen to a little insight from Xiaobian. Since most designers do not understand the practice and process of the box, some designers only consider how to be more creative and how to look good when designing, without considering whether it is easy to achieve in the later period. And after the design needs to be made, it is painful time to ask about the packaging box manufacturers.
Anthema comes from Greece and the common denominator of the food produced is to process as little organic raw materials as possible for high nutritional value. The end product is organic, sugar-free, gluten-free, and the main consumer group is vegetarians. Today's box is designed for a range of organic products such as cookies.
Bolsius Unity is a collection of scented candles and reed diffusers made from European stained glass containers and cardboard packaging. The product box collection includes glass scented candles in three sizes, a "Small and large scented candle" sampler and a diffuser.
Seeking differences and innovation is to create a unique corporate culture and a distinctive corporate image. To this end, high-end packaging design must be innovative, explore the unique cultural concepts of enterprises, design extraordinary visual signs, and use novel and unique implementation methods.
The purpose of cosmetic packaging design is to show the product brand image, only for consumers to accept and recognize, and a firm choice, the design is successful, otherwise, even if the hype is meaningless. In the design to carry out accurate market positioning, do not understand the target market, brand design is "aimless". And try to meet the needs of consumers. The needs of consumers are the starting point and destination of all activities of enterprises, including packaging design. Try to respect the customs of different consumers. Custom is an established stereotype, which is both an obstacle and an opportunity for corporate brand design.
The function of cosmetic packaging. Cosmetic packaging, known as the "silent salesman", is an important part of brand design through the visual Chinese image system. Cosmetics enterprises as a fashion consumer goods, in addition to the development of China has a certain use effect, there is a traditional culture, is the use of function and the combination of spiritual world culture, this "fashion" and "cultural" is the taste of China's cosmetics. In addition to product advertising and product counter display, packaging is also an extremely important link, suitable packaging can not only attract the attention of consumers, but also can reflect the brand's taste vividly.
High-end brand packaging design is often simple and elegant, high-end cosmetic packaging has slowly begun to abandon the "tacky" fancy, the use of natural color matching and natural surface texture, to bring consumers a rich sensory experience.
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Handbag production is more common kraft paper material, it has those uses in life? With the vigorous development of modern society, the application of kraft paper extends to various fields. Such as: electronic product packaging box, food packaging box, beverage packaging box, wine packaging box, tea packaging box, cigarette packaging box, pharmaceutical packaging box, cosmetic packaging box, etc.
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