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"Flower tea" tea gift box packaging design, health more "taste" -YingMei packaging

Tea gift box custom design - YingMei beauty packaging, original design, a variety of craft matching

Compared with the fragrant and strong traditional tea, scented tea has a wider audience. Scented tea with its own conditioning effect has gradually become one of the necessary health weapons for young people.

Today to share with you some of the more interesting flower tea gift box "sweet but not greasy" design may be more on the taste oh.



The new spring tea ceremony in the name of "to treat with tea" will be the background of the story in the family reunion of the New Year "to treat with tea" is honest reflects the etiquette and customs inherited from the Spring Festival also shows the brand's sincerity and blessing.


Long box tea gift box to achieve left and right cutting layout delicate hot print lines outline flowers, fruit elements red for the brand color echo the spring theme of rich color collocation to enhance visual tension looks a light.

pleasant feeling diagonal cutting illustration form a complete picture when the gift box is joined together Give the packaging a diversified play to give users a fun and surprising interactive experience of tea gift box small tea bags divided into different colors to distinguish the taste of products to text based visual packaging is simple without losing charm.

Decoration of cosmetic packaging design -YingMei Packaging
Creative citrus packaging box, break tradition, fun packaging - YingMei packaging
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