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The color in the high-end packaging design requires eye-catching, strong contrast, and strong attractiveness and competitiveness to arouse consumers' desire to buy and promote sales. For example, food categories and bright and rich colors, mainly warm colors, highlight the freshness, nutrition and taste of food; Medicine and simple warm and cold colors; Soft midtones are commonly used in cosmetics; Hardware, mechanical tools commonly used blue, black and other calm color blocks, to indicate solid, children's toys commonly used bright bright pure color and a variety of color blocks with strong contrast between cold and warm, in line with children's psychology and hobbies; 


Sporting goods use bright and loud color blocks to increase the feeling of activity and movement... Different commodities have different characteristics and attributes. It is necessary to study the habits and hobbies of consumers as well as the changing trends of international and domestic popular colors, so as to continuously enhance the awareness of sociology and consumer psychology of colors. In the great abundance of goods today, consumers' attention to each product is very short, to seize the consumer's eye from the shelf swept the moment.


Only packaging can make comprehensive use of color, shape, materials and other elements, while showing the connotation and information of products, brands and other enterprises, highlighting the common interests of products and consumers, forming a more intuitive impact on consumers, and then affecting the impression of consumers on products and enterprises, so that products are eye-catching on the shelf, and effectively complete the purpose of attracting consumers.


Color plays an important role in packaging. Color is an important factor in beautifying and highlighting products. The use of color in the design of high-end packaging boxes is closely related to the idea and composition of the entire picture. The packaging color requires flatness and uniformity, which is a high generalization of color filtering and refining.

It is based on people's associations and color habits, and the high degree of exaggeration and discoloration is a means of packaging art. At the same time, the color of the packaging is also subject to the system and restrictions of technology, materials, uses and sales regions.

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