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Insert edge slope "tunnel" gift box custom manufacturer

Special technology, shape of a variety of structural design

Professional gift box custom design also have to find a professional manufacturer, which is the same choice of many businesses, Sakura packaging, the company is located in Shanghai Fengxian area, more than 10 years of packaging production experience, first-class design team, quality design double guarantee, it is these factors, attract many businesses to choose our Sakura packaging, Not long ago, we received a number of unique product packaging designs for customers.

Insert edge slope tunnel gift box custom manufacturer 1

This box is made by cherry beauty packaging gift box custom production, customers want to be different from the visual experience, so cherry beauty packaging in the design of a little more elements, the use of inserted side slopes sky and earth cover box design and production, the material selection of 157g coated paper four-color printing mounted on 2.5 gray board production production from. logo selection hot black gold, to give you high-end atmospheric product packaging, but also into the many consumers favor the factors! Designed and produced.


Different types of customized types of cosmetic packaging boxes are introduced?
Creative packaging box manufacturers want to do the single, but do not dare to pick up what is the reason
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