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KANG TON product catalog album 1
KANG TON product catalog album 2
KANG TON product catalog album 3
KANG TON product catalog album 4
KANG TON product catalog album 1
KANG TON product catalog album 2
KANG TON product catalog album 3
KANG TON product catalog album 4

KANG TON product catalog album

An album is a kind of fine print specially used to display art works and art materials. Its features include: the use of high-quality paper and printing technology, which can present pictures and text with high definition and color reproduction; exquisite design, unique binding and typesetting style, which can highlight the artistry and characteristics of art works; rich and diverse content , covering various art fields such as painting, photography, sculpture, etc., can meet the needs of different readers. In addition, picture albums also have collection value and art education significance, and can improve readers' artistic literacy and aesthetic ability. These characteristics make the album a unique cultural product with irreplaceable artistic value and educational significance.


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    Product parameters

    Size 210*285*10mm Technology Four-color printing, glue binding
    Color White Processing OEM&ODM
    Weight 0.1kg Place of origin Shanghai, China
    Box style Glue bound album Available NO
    Material 250g coated card cover, 150g coated paper Applications Beverages, takeaways, catering, clothing, cosmetics, biotechnology, etc.

    Product Features

    This product brochure has a beautiful appearance and unique design. The main color of the album is black, with white page design, showing a strong contrast effect and highlighting a fashionable and elegant atmosphere. The album contains some letters and numbers, which are presented in a concise and elegant form, adding to the viewing and interest of the album. It uses high-quality paper and exquisite printing technology to present clear and delicate images and text that are eye-catching. The design of the entire album is simple and elegant, which not only conforms to modern aesthetic trends, but also meets practical needs.

    product details

    1 (34)
    Perfect binding style
    2 (35)
    The paper is delicate and shiny
    3 (37)
    Printing is clear and error-free
    4 (33)
    No whitening in the middle area

    Exquisite craftsmanship

    烫金 凹凸
    Hot Stamping Concave And Convex
    Three-Dimensional Gilding
    Gypsophila Colored Onions Craft
    视高迪 工艺
    Hot Stamping + Embossing
    Three-Dimensional Silver Hot Stamping
    烫金 uv
    Starlight Dusting
    Hot Stamping UV
    Gaudí Craftsmanship

    honor certificates


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have your own factory?
    Of course we do! Our factory has been in this industry for more than 20 years and we can ensure quality and delivery time.
    What is the MOQ for customized orders?
    The MOQ for customized orders is 3000 pieces.
    Can you offer a design with it?
    Of course, we have a number of excellent award-winning packaging designers.
    Can you customize different box sizes?
    Of course, we can customize and develop many box styles, but it takes more time and cost to develop new box styles.
    How long does it take for you to ship?
    Depending on the quantity and difficulty level, the shipping time is different. Usually the fastest delivery time is 15 days.
    How and when do you ship?
    Air express, air freight, sea freight, train and so on. We can use FOB/CFR/CIF to settle the payment.
    What format of printing files do you need?
    We support AI √CDR √ PDF √ PSD √ file formats.
    What payment methods do you accept?
    Wire transfer, credit card, Alipay, WeChat, etc.
    Where is your nearest port?
    Shanghai, China
    If there are quality or color problems with the package, how to deal with it?
    Usually we will send more quantity for customers for replacement. If the problem is more serious, then you can contact us for negotiation.
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