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Gift box packaging, complex gift box design, application of emerging AI technology

Gift box packaging design manufacturers can have no graphics in the gift box packaging design, but not without text, and the text in the packaging design is a direct visual element that accurately and clearly conveys the product information to consumers.


he name, capacity, batch number, method of use, date of production, etc., can only be accurately communicated through text. Text in the design of commodity packaging plays two roles at the same time, one is to explain the content of goods; The second is the performance of commodity image.


Types and style characteristics of printing fonts: Human beings have created many fonts in the historical development, and various fonts themselves give people a distinct visual feeling in the image, with a certain style and personality characteristics, or strong, or soft, or classical, or trendy. The designer uses an ancient font to reflect the tradition and long history of the product, uses a smooth and elegant font to display the custom style and taste of the packaging box, and uses a relatively tough and simple font to express male products.



From this point of view, the performance of the text in the packaging design of the gift box is no less than the role of color and pattern.

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