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Anthema comes from Greece and the common denominator of the food produced is to process as little organic raw materials as possible for high nutritional value. The end product is organic, sugar-free, gluten-free, and the main consumer group is vegetarians. Today's box is designed for a range of organic products such as cookies.


Although the cookies are primarily aimed at adults, the box design strategy is a subconscious reference to a time when adults see cookies as an ideal breakfast treat. So five simple illustrations gave life and energy to the cookies, while designing the font of the title and text with the same logic.


The illustrations depict the product in an interesting way! The illustrations play like children in various poses against the background of white product boxes, while the promotional boxes containing various flavors are designed as a grassy playground, giving people a first glimpse of the products, not only the health attributes of the products but also the values of the company.

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Shaped simple environmental protection of foreign aromatherapy product packaging box design - YingMei packaging
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