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It is necessary to integrate traditional cultural elements into modern tea packaging box design customization - YingMei Packaging


Tea can be said to play a decisive role in our daily life, its use of the box market circulation is very strong, so in the tea packaging box design customization can not be random, to take into account many factors, tea variety elements, brand publicity, and according to the purpose of consumer use to consider the design.


Tea culture has a long history, we can use some traditional pattern elements such as Chinese landscape painting, traditional decorative patterns, auspicious patterns, folk paper-cuts, ethnic patterns, which have a strong national culture to express the tradition, but can not only stop at copying and copying some traditional patterns. The essence of the national cultural spirit of our traditional art, such as expressing emotion, being implicit and delicate, should be incorporated into it.


These traditional cultural symbols are applied to the design and customization of modern tea packaging boxes, so that it has traditional characteristics and does not lose a modern sense, and radiates a more charming style, that is, the traditional Chinese culture is infiltrated into the packaging design with modern design techniques, so that it is implicitly displayed.




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