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Under the new economic conditions, the technical level between enterprises is shrinking, the scientific and technological content of products is increasing, and the variety of products is rich and diverse, in addition, people's material life is constantly improving, and the consumption tendency is manifested in the field of spiritual needs, but more personalized and diversified. Consumers pay more attention to personal interests and hobbies, and single-sided cosmetics packaging box design is difficult to maintain the different needs of the vast number of consumer groups.

The design of cosmetic packaging box is the temptation of silence, and the role of packaging is fully reflected in the real outstanding characteristics, beauty and personality of the goods. The expression of packaging and decoration should be direct. Although the form can be implicit and the purpose is simply to better express it, Confucius said that "benevolence is beauty" and this is true. From the perspective of visual art, those attractive cosmetic packaging decoration design, is in the structure of the packaging, color, material selection and appearance has a distinct personality and creativity, the design style is rich in personality, fashion characteristics, so as to meet people's unique psychological needs.


Cosmetics packaging box design to "shock" perfume as an example, cosmetics packaging box designers to simulate the human curve as a design element to show the bottle body, the shape resembles the body of a woman wearing a corset. Smooth lines, beautiful shape filled with Oriental elegance and charm. This personalized design makes the charm of the packaging go beyond the interior of the perfume, so that consumers are deeply impressed and loved by them. Therefore, the cosmetic packaging decoration design needs to meet the development of personalized aesthetic demands, and is committed to the characteristics of packaging decoration to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers.


In the era of rapid development of commodity economy, the aesthetic taste of female consumers is increasing day by day, and the consumption concept and psychology have undergone great changes.

Cosmetics packaging needs to cater to the consumer emotions of modern women, reflect personalized characteristics in the design, combine emotional design with humanized design, highlight the characteristics of The Times, integrate into the social and cultural trends, further explore the beauty of cosmetics packaging, give full play to the advantages and functions of cosmetics packaging box design, so as to better reflect its design value, and get people's attention all the time. To achieve the consumer emotional needs of the vast audience.

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