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What are the characteristics of product serialization creative packaging box design? © Know how to creative box design, "in different, different is the same, but with the same?" © Why is the packaging design vision of brand cultural products to maintain a high degree of consistency? What brand design features of © Series packaging can bring commercial value? Series packaging design is more common in the formation of contemporary international packaging design in China. It refers to the premise of a unified logo and text font, with different colors, watermarks or commodity packaging design as the keynote of the structure of the same category of different shapes, need to be in different, different are the same, but have the same, both diverse and holistic sense.


We talk about a series of packaging design, have today's YingMei:


First, the style unified series of creative packaging box design mainly includes eight elements of social form, size, composition, image, color, trademark, product name, and techniques. Under normal circumstances, the trademark, product name, technology three can not be changed, and at least one of the other five items is basically unchanged, which can develop and produce serialized teaching effect, making the overall style of serialized packaging structure design very lack of unity. Enhance the correlation between enterprise product markets.

Two, one in a series of more products. Obviously, since the product is in the creative box design series, at least two in the same series usually more than two quantities, which helps to promote the product, the consumer in the purchase, at the time of purchasing a series, it can increase the sales of the product. Third, in line with the principle of "diversity for unity" of Chinese aesthetics. Each unit of the serialized packaging design product has its own characteristics and changes. At the same time, each organic package is formed into a combination of monomers in order to produce an overall aesthetic. It makes all kinds of goods in the United States, the whole of the United States has a diversity of uniformity.


Series bags are easy to form a brand. The six unified series of packaging design (unified brand name, unified trademark, unified decoration, unified shape, unified text, unified tone) strengthens the visual impact of the product, and can greatly shorten the cycle of serialized packaging design, saving a lot of design time. Give designers more time to design new products. YingMei Packaging believes that packaging design brand products, the big challenge is to maintain the visual consistency of the entire product line, that is, serialized packaging. Through the above analysis, we can learn to understand the serialization of packaging design characteristics. The series of creative packaging materials are displayed on the counter, which can attract more consumers' attention, and it is easier to form their own corporate brand effect. At the same time, it is conducive to improving students' learning design.

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