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Elements of tradition, history and culture create creative packaging boxes - YingMei Packaging


This is an oil company corporate custom gift, is opened in Belarus, a Japanese oil company, designed and customized for partners, presenting a unique Japanese culture. Design a creative box in the form of three towers, taken from the external building shape of the oil company.


Sushi is a traditional Japanese cuisine, the image is full of vitality and full life, in this way for the partner to leave a Japanese impression. All packaging materials are environmentally friendly, corporate gift packaging illustrations reflect the multi-faceted culture of Japan, rich and creative.


The illustrations used on these creative boxes are filled with more detail about tradition, history and culture than just sushi. In addition to the detail of the illustration, the color scheme is also very exquisite, choosing bright and saturated colors to create a sense of celebration and emphasize positive emotions. What makes this illustration worth learning is that it creates a rich sense of atmosphere and richness.

Product packaging box customization should consider the design of simple style - YingMei packaging
The importance of traditional culture to creative packaging design -- YingMei Packaging
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