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One of the hot trends today is minimalism. And there's a reason for that. In today's increasingly complex world, simplicity is a joy. Therefore, in order to attract customers to use the product, show them how simple it is through simple product box customization.


If you are going to take the simple path and make the product box customization simple: then use fewer graphic elements, shrink the graphics, and unify the colors to make the product look more stable. There were few colors, no patterns, and very little text. Even if the design is simple, it still enables the customer to clearly understand the information and information of the product.产品包装盒定制

These are some design elements to consider. Consumers don't have time to stop and read every line of text. Packaging designers should understand the main content of packaging design. Usually it is the name of the product, the brand name and the LOGO logo. If this means leaving out important information, remember that some product packages require labels with ingredients and warnings. For example: food ingredients, disclosure of possible potential hazards and product warnings. The customization of product packaging boxes for insurance products or cosmetics is crucial for customers.

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