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Let's take a look at the process of making a tote bag - YingMei packaging


Handbag production process, material, printing, process, quality inspection each step is a different material price is different, the price of different brands are different, the price of different thickness is different, of course, the quality must be different.


Printing technology: Printing this is not much to say, the more color the higher the price, monochrome full plate printing with single-color local printing prices are not the same. Process: The latter is mainly the process and punching, the process of bronzing, UV, concave and convex, embossing, rope, paste molding, etc., different processes of different prices.


Quality inspection: The work of quality inspection is fine and miscellaneous, the production of gift paper bags is more manual, may be stained with ash, ink and other small problems, because we also do export product paper bag production, so we have always been high requirements for this aspect, the selection of quality inspection is more strict, and try to reduce the customer's loss rate to a lower level. The appearance can be simple and generous, and the color is selected with the same color system, which makes people feel happy. Bag production layers of control, good material can be better used.

Creative citrus packaging box, break tradition, fun packaging - YingMei packaging
Cultural elements are incorporated into the design of big brand cosmetics packaging box 【YingMei Packaging 】
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