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Cultural elements are incorporated into the design of big brand cosmetics packaging box 【YingMei Packaging 】

Cultural elements are incorporated into the design of big brand cosmetics packaging box 【YingMei Pac

Today's Chinese big-name cosmetics packaging box design is a pursuit of combining with traditional culture, reflecting its own unique wisdom and atmosphere of The Times, and striving for a high degree of unity of form and connotation.4.jpg2.jpg

For example, the scientific, logical and rational style of German design, the elegant and romantic style of Italian design, and the novel, dexterous, lightweight and delicate of Japanese design are full of human touch, all of which are rooted in their different cultural concepts. China's packaging design style tends to be smooth, complete morality and symmetrical and complete form, which is also the psychological commonality of the Chinese nation. In 2008, Baicaoji launched a new brand image, stylish but without losing the details of the Chinese consumer packaging, and won the 2008 five packaging design silver awards.

The new image of Baicao series is more simple and delicate, integrating international fashion elements and traditional Chinese style, fashion without losing Chinese tradition. In the new packaging design, a group of 100 herbs are covered on the bottle cap to interpret the meaning of the "hundred grass ring". The shape of the bottle draws inspiration from traditional Chinese elements. The body of the bottle and the "Tuanhua" cap, like a delicate Chinese seal, reflect the Chinese culture that the brand has always contained.

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