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What effect will the rational use of color in high-end packaging design play? - YingMei Packaging


Color has a stimulating effect on vision, and often has the power to seize people in visual communication design, and the correct use of color in high-end packaging box design can play a role in the visual impact of consumers.



The high-end packaging box design of "far look at the color and close look at the flower" and "seven points of color and three points of flower" shows that color is very easy to cause people's emotional response and change.

The special sensitivity of human vision to color determines the important value of color in the visual communication of high-end packaging box design. Color contrast refers to two or more colors, compared with the space or time relationship, can compare a clear difference is called color contrast relationship.

The main key to color contrast is the contrast of the three elements of color: color contrast, brightness contrast, purity contrast, and the contrast of cold and warm color is also crucial.

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